What Does A Cricket Store Offer?

A cricket store can have a lot more things than you can imagine. We are a top-notch NZ store offering a wide variety of cricket equipment in both North and South Island of New Zealand.

Monarch Sports Cricket Store

Products sold at a cricket store

Do you know what you can buy in a store selling cricket stuff? For a quick preview, you can see our products page to view our products. 

Here is a quick list of things that you can buy online or in-store:

Cricket bats

One of the most purchased items from Monarch Sports is our cricket bats. Of course, these are manufactured using the best quality raw material. We are buying local raw material and also import it from overseas. 

With our commitment to quality, we only buy raw material that adheres to our quality standards and strict inspection.

Cricket balls

Cricket bats are useless without cricket balls; you need both of them to play cricket. However, you can’t just grab any call from a supermarket and start playing cricket with it.

In other words, to play professional cricket, you need to train with a proper cricket ball. We offer many options for balls so that each customer can pick the right one based on their needs.

Cricket kit

If you are enthusiastic about cricket and want to get professionally trained for this sport, we recommend you to buy a cricket kit. That is to say it contains all the required equipment within a single bag. You can also buy a cricket kit bag to keep all the stuff safe in one place.

Batting gloves and wicket keeping gloves 

In contrast, these gloves provide different functions. Both can protect your hands and also give you a good grip on the bat or ball. Certainly, your quality of the game will enhance considerably if you use gloves for batting and wicket keeping.

Safety equipment 

As with any outdoor sports, there is always a risk of injury in cricket too. However, you should take your safety very seriously. Never neglect safety measures, so buy a helmet, Abdominal Guard, Leg Guards and,Chest Guard before you start cricket practice.

Thigh guard and arm guard will also be a good investment in your personal safety. Better play safe and buy this equipment, instead of thinking about them after getting injured.

Shoes and cricket clothes

Certainly, you will feel a surge of confidence in your game if you purchase special shoes and cricket clothes. The good-quality material will last a very long time, and you won’t need to worry about destroying your regular dress and shoes.

All cricket gear under one roof

Monarch Sports is happy to announce that we keep all the above-mentioned products at our stores. These are also offered for sale online. You can get the best quality cricket gear from us at affordable rates. Do you know what the best part is? Additionally, we offer free shipment throughout New Zealand.

If you have any questions related to our products or need some kind of help in your cricket journey, we are here to offer help and guidance. So, please feel free to reach out to us with your questions, concerns, and comments.

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