Loyalty Programme

Loyalty Programme

The loyalty programme by Monarch Sports is easy and upstanding because it not only benefits its users, it also helps underprivileged people by implementing a charity-based initiative. You can also earn exclusive points by registering with us online and become a registered member.

Through this scheme, you can access extra incentives for every dollar you spend with us. You will get a concession on your next purchase according to the accumulated score you have with us. Each product listed on our website and physical outlets has some points associated with it. The more you buy from us, you can get more perks.

Customer loyalty programme by Monarch Sports

This certainly gives you some fantastic reductions in cost. You can decide on the price-cuts or utilize them later. In addition to that, every procurement will increase the ranking of your profile and make you eligible for bargains as well.

Also, you will have an entree to our new special arrivals earlier than everyone else. On successful completion of reimbursement, the points will be updated on the webpage, and you can check your points anytime you want.

Monarch Loyalty Programme Table
Monarch Loyalty Programme Table 2

Exchanging rewards for payment

Once you have enough figures, you can use them for cost drops on the next order. Before the final checkout, you can apply the option of using a promo code or using the deductions collected gradually.

Terms and conditions

  • Membership and registration are free.
  • To join, an individual must enter their full name, email address, phone number, and personal details may be required.
  • The information provided must be correct.
  • Also, the bonus cannot be exchanged for cash, transferred, or sold.
  • It is a participant’s responsibility to keep their specific latest.
  • The offer may not be applicable for later use on a particular stock, e.g. cricket balls and other exclusions are there on the website.

Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns about our loyalty programme, you can contact us.We will certainly be happy to answer your queries.

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