When you purchase a cricket bat, you’re excited to use it immediately. True? But don’t forget that your cricket bat also needs that care and supervision that you give to your favourite thing.

Never assume that your bat is healthy and is ready to fly away.

So, before going out and start hitting those sixes and fours, just keep in mind these few steps that will help you increase the lifespan of your bat. Have a look at the steps:


  • After buying a new bat one should keep the bat horizontally and apply linseed oil at the face, edges and at the back of the bat with a soft cloth. After the process, lay the bat flat for few hours.
  • One should not oil splice area of the bat.
  • Clean the bat with fine sandpaper before oiling. Keep on oiling the bat for 2-3 times after each coat of oil gets dried.
  • Make sure your bat is not over-oiled, over-oiling increase the weight of bat and is dangerous than under-oiling.


Good quality bats are pre-knocked by a machine called factory knocked. One should knock their respective bat with the old leather ball or bat mallet before every game. Try tapping the front face of the bat for 2-3 hours to compress fibres and grains in the bat gently. Special care must be taken when knocking around the edges and toe area. Force can be increased when knocking around the edges to create fine round corner around edges. But harder knocking can damage the bat. Keep that in mind.

After knocking, avoid playing with a new leather ball in net or game initially. Rather start using the bat to hit short catches with an old ball.


Like your body, your bat also needs maintenance with time. There are ways in which you can do that:

The bat must be kept dry all the time, and try avoiding moisture in the face, edges, and in the toe. Because moisture affects quality and life of cricket bats that leads to cracks and splits.

It’s normal to see some small cracks and splits in the bat. The affected area should be treated with linseed oil.

Never store your bat in the car for a long time because it leads to swelling in willow. Also, hard and plastic leather balls should not be used as they damage the bat.

It is very easy to repair a damaged bat immediately. In the off-season, the bat should be stored in a cool and dry place away from heat and moisture.

After a long idle period, the bat must be re-oiled before using in games. Also, inspect the bat regularly for damages, and if found remedial measures must be taken promptly.

WARRANTY : 12 Months warranty on Bats from the date of purchase.

NOT UNDER WARRANTY: Cricket Bat Toe and Edges.


We can also customize any kind of bats but extra charges will apply.

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