What Is Cricket Shop Christchurch Offering?

Cricket shop Christchurch

Our cricket shop Christchurch is offering all the amenities needed by the players. During matches and practice sessions, most players carry a lot of equipment.

cricket shop

Starting from biggest to smallest accessories, you can have it all on our website. We are highly-dedicated gears and accessories shop NZ that is known for its dedication.

When it comes to purchasing game products, then there are a lot of factors that you should consider before buying. We ensure that we are providing every type of professional equipment. 

It is a very famous game, and people play it in all corners of the globe. Professionals usually require proper gear kits from an excellent store to practice well.

You can have all the item collection in-store and online. Let’s take a look at some high-quality offerings we have:

English Willow Cricket Bat

English Willow bats are one of the highest and most exceptional standards of willows.

cricket shop christchurch cricket bat

Most of our top-line batsman prefer to use English Willow over other types due to the light-weight and soft kind of wood used to manufacture these.

The wood is selected very carefully and enhanced further during the production process.

Depending upon the condition and characteristics of the used material, there are 5 different grades for this category.

Starting from Grade 5, being the cheapest option until Grade 1, the finest in durability/reliability in terms of product life and highest in price.

Bleaching of Grade 5 and 4 covers up blemishes and makes them more aesthetically pleasing. We have all categories available at our store. 

Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Contrary to English Willow, the wood used in manufacturing comes from the Indian region, and it is heavier in weight.

Cricket shop Christchurch cricket bat

These are not meant for high-class game or preferences of the top line. Generally, these are used in practice matches and used by beginners in their started kits.

Due to the heavy-weight and not so friendly usage, these are not durable. We only recommend them for initial training or practices.

We have a lot of affordable options available at our store as well. 


These are equally essential for playing this game. You always need the pair to practice, play, and keep playing at any level.

Cricket shop Christchurch cricket ball

Professionals need a proper ball for training as it is essential to practice the game with similar equipment that you may expect to face in actual matches.

We are offering numerous options so that customers can easily pick the right one that meets their needs. You can have a fantastic selection and competitive pricing. 

Kit bags:

One of the essential parts of practice and playing routine is carrying all mandatory equipment without any hassle.

Cricket kit bag

We have kit bags available in a variety of quality, as well as the freedom to choose from several color options. You can pack all the equipment and keep them safe in one bag.

If you are excited about playing and want to be professionally trained, we recommend you to buy a kit. 


Sports shoes are also available in different sizes at very competitive prices. You will surely feel a lot of confidence if you purchase special shoes for a game.

Cricket rubber sole shoes

Indeed, excellent material will last longer. Why are you still waiting? Order products to practice your passion for this game. 

Wicket keeping gloves:

We have a superb selection of wicket keeping gloves in different colors and sizes. These can be used for various other games too. They help to protect your hand.

cricket wicket keeping gloves

Additionally, they also give you a perfect grip. Quality of play will enhance if you use the best batting safety. We also manufacture junior gloves for youngsters. 

Batting Gloves:      

Hand protection is essential not just for the wicketkeepers but also for the sportsman.

Cricket Batting gloves

The first person who gets exposed to a fast pace ball is the facing player, so therefore we have a wide range of protective gloves available at our store.

You can choose from all the variety of the product according to the budget and need. 

Batting leg guards/pads:

Last but not least, a batsman just doesn’t need hands protection. The legs can also be equally exposed to the potential of a hit.

Cricket Batting Leg-guards/pads

So, to ensure an injury-free playing routine, leg guards/pads are an essential part of the complete kit.

We have a lot of options to choose from, and the prices vary depending upon the quality, durability of the different options.

Rush to our online store to get to know these options in detail. 

Cricket Shop Christchurch – Why should you buy from us?

There a number of things that matter when you are choosing sports equipment for purchase. Among these, the first thing which you should consider when buying gear is undoubtedly the comfort of the playing persons. 


The weight of the helmets and protective pads should not be substantial. Our helmets are light-weight, and we offer protective qualities as well. 


It is another most critical feature, especially while purchasing a helmet. Helmets have ventilation pores so that players can get some air. 


Helmets and batting pads are high quality and are very comfortable with soft chin straps. They are easily adjustable.

Cricket Helmet

Our Cricket Shop Christchurch has solved all the problems of novice and professionals. We have brought a lot of ease and a hassle-free experience of gears shopping under one roof.

All you have to do is to select the most excellent quality option from Monarch Sports listing. Opt for the payment method that is most suitable according to your financial situation.

We will deliver everything to your doorstep within the promised time. With our best customer service and timely delivery of products, we can take care of all your worries.

We will take care of everything from order placement till delivery and any post-delivery issues or concerns with the purchase.

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