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Many different types of wood are used in the production of bats for cricket at Monarch Sports but the preferable timber used is the willow. If you already are a cricket enthusiast, then you might already know of the two most common types of willows used in the making of the cricket bats.

They are the Kashmir Willow and the White Willow/English Willow. Why Willow? Because it is the only type of wood that has the compression and the strength required for a cricket bat. The English willow is grown in England, and as the name suggests, Kashmir is where the Kashmir willow is grown.

One can easily distinguish the difference between The English Willow and The Kashmir Willow by their color. The English/white willow is whiter in color as compared to its Kashmir counterpart, which is brownish. The grain density is also one thing which is pretty significant when making cricket bats, Kashmir willow has a lower grain density than white.

1. English Willow Bats:

The finest wood which can be used in the production of cricket is the English willow. These bats deliver you with the best quality available while providing you with the perfect results. Experienced players mostly use these types of bats due to their greater grain density and their structure.

Grains are the lines visible on the bats’ face representing the tree’s age. The higher the grain density, the greater will be the age of the tree, and similarly, it will account for better performance. English willows are the sure choice for you if you are an experienced player and often play with a hardball. The bat from white willow is softer as compared to a bat from a Kashmir one.

This is because the English willow grows slowly in a cold climate, giving them the thicker blades which enhance the stability of the bat. The white or English willow bats are preferable by many experienced players, and they require the right level of maintenance. They grade from 1 – 5, with 1 representing the best class. 

Higher the grade, more the grains will be straight, which means that there will be low blemishes on the bat.

1.1 Gold Edition:

One of the popular in demand bats of Monarch Sports is the Gold Edition English Willow Cricket Bat is different from all others. With the use of high-class Super English Willow Cleft in its production, the Gold Edition bat provides a level of sturdiness that other bats just cannot compare.

Gold Edition English willow bat

Made with Top Quality Unbleached English Willow, the making of Gold Edition Willow Cricket Bat carry the expert opinion of the International Cricketers.

1.2 Player Edition:

Designed especially for players who like to take control of their shots, the Monarch Player Edition English Willow Cricket Bat is a perfect choice. This bat provides a powerful and fantastic profile due to its big edges and a substantial sweet spot. The sweet spot is the spot of the blade that maximizes the performance of the bat.

Monarch Sports

Bigger and more spread the sweet spot, higher will be the efficiency of the center shot. The Player Edition, English Willow Cricket Bat, it carries the design in mind as per International Standards. It produces the Best Quality Unbleached English Willow, which enhances its profile and gives an edge over the game.

1.3 Havoc:

If you want to push the boundaries, the literal ones, then you will want this Monarch Havoc English Cricket Bat. For strikers who pride themselves in their innovative play and their contemporary shots will surely want Havoc.

Monarch Sports

With specially designed with Premium Quality Unbleached English Willow, the Havoc English Willow Cricket Bat is designed for all formats of the game. It is an all-rounder bat, for contemporary play whether it be a T20, ODI or a Test match and is designed as per International Regulations.

1.4 Cruise:

The most popular bat offered by Monarch sports is the Cruise English Willow Cricket Bat. This bat has an exceptional level of Scalloping throughout the back of it, providing power and class for an experienced player.

The scallops in the Monarch Cruise Bat maximize the edge profile of the bat, reducing rotation of the blades in off-center hitting. This ultimately results in a minimal power loss during hits. The expert opinion and requirements make this bat of the international players.

The unique Club Quality Unbleached English Willow makes the cruise bat that delivers you with the best edge profile at a minimal power loss.

1.5 Drive-In:

You are looking at one of the most stylish bats in the market, the Drive-In English Willow Cricket Bat. As the name suggests, it is a bat for a player who loves playing drive shots. It has a tremendous mid-high middle with a superb pick-up due to a perfectly shaped toe for drive strokes. The Monarch Drive-In Cricket bat is one of its kind for players who are expert in the drive strokes.

Drive-In English willow bat

With a perfect balance and a toe specifically designed for players in mind, the Drive-In English Willow Cricket Bat is the ideal choice for drive shots players. Designed with expert opinion and the requirement of the International Players, made with County Quality Unbleached English Willow, this Drive-In bat will be the perfect choice for you.

1.6 Primo:

The Primo English Willow Cricket Bat is utterly different from the Monarch sports collection. This bat is for pro performers who favor improvised shots over the contemporary ones. With a clean look and a unique profile, this bat is made for impact shots.

With the best edges and an enormous sweet spot, and the unique Unbleached English Willow makes the Primo English Willow Cricket Bat. 

1.7 Far-Out:

The Monarch Far-Out English Willow Cricket Bat is a different kind of English Willow Bat in itself. While other White willow bats contain specifically experienced players in bat, this Far-Out Bat gives an experience of a white willow bat to beginners as well. It offers a light pick-up with a more exceptional profile, with the power to pick-up ratio specially designed keeping in the beginner level players in mind.

Far-Out English Willow bat

This bat has an excellent grip, which offers control and comfort to the player, whereas the toe guard increases its robustness. With the expert opinion of the International Players, the Far-Out English Willow bat carries Unbleached English Willow.

2. Kashmir Willow Bats:

Though Kashmir Willow bats are not as famous as the English Willow Cricket Bats, they are still preferable among many international Cricketers and have been used as such. They are heavier than their English counterpart, which makes them a bit difficult to handle.

If you as a newbie and playing at a beginner level, then Experts recommend these bats for you as they last longer and relatively low maintenance.

2.1 Far-Out:

In the Kashmir Willow Bats collection of Monarch Sports come the Kashmir Willow Far-Out Cricket Bats. They are produced by a selected willow and is equipped with a Singapore Cane Handle / Spring Handle for shock absorption. 

Monarch Sports

The thicker edges of this bat, combined with high press manufacturing, give rise to a fantastic combination of a crafty stroke play. It also comes with a super-quality cover, which keeps it safe from any damage.

2.2 T20 Primo:

With the Monarch T20 Primo Kashmir Willow Cricket bat comes a great and an ideal gear for the power hitters. With a higher pressing than average (3 times greater), the T20 Primo bat gives a better stroke capability. Its unmatched class grip provides a firm grasp of the handle, and the thicker edges make for clean strokes and power hits.

T20 primo Kashmir Willow bat

3. Batting Gloves:

Cricket batting gloves are must-have sportswear when you are playing with a hardball. Playing cricket can come with particular hand injuries that are countered by wearing batting gloves. Though the primary use of the cricket batting gloves is the defense of the hands, it also helps in providing an improvement in grip.

And it helps prevent uncomfortable and painful blisters of the fingers and the palms. Overall they are critical in the advancement of a player’s performance.

3.1 Cruise:

With the style and functionality in mind, the Monarch Cruise Batting Gloves provide a blend of both with vast superiority. These batting gloves give absolute comfort and unparalleled safety during the game. The Cruise Batting Gloves come with four partitions and have inserts for every finger.

Monarch Sports

They also have plastic shield protection for the two lead fingers, and this adds up on the flexibility of the play and in playing the desired shot without any fear of injury and discomfort.

3.2 Drive-In:

With greater flexibility and comfort in mind, the Monarch design Drive-In Batting Gloves special. Designed from imported Korean PU material, these batting gloves keep in mind the durability. The in and out wrist towel keeps up with the sturdiness of the gloves and provides the comfort to aim for a more extended inning.

Monarch Sports

These Drive-In Batting Gloves also have plastic inserts and shields for the fingers, which give the batsman and additional safety while playing.

3.3 Primo:

The Monarch Primo Cricket Batting Gloves contain hard-wearing Pittard leather for better gripping, and for wrist support, and also used the both-side towel. Like others, the Primo Cricket Batting Gloves contain the double forefinger slits having plastic shields for extra defense.

With its durable material, these gloves make sure that your game is filled with comfort along with protection.

3.4 Far Out:

From the vast collection of Monarch Sports comes batting gloves which are made for beginners. The Far-Out Batting Gloves have lightweight and carry the sturdy imported Korean PU material so that the beginner player feels comfortable as they go out for practicing in the field.

Monarch Sports Far-Out batting gloves

It also has a two partition construction, with a combination of towel grip for the wrist to provide support and flexibility. It allows with the required flexibility and backing, allowing the batsman to handle the bat at the crease freely.

3.5 Training gloves:

The Monarch Training Gloves took an excellent PVC material on the front side and durable sheep leather from the back. This combination of plastic gives the gloves a lightweight property combined with comfort and quality. The use of sheep leather gives a comfort level that none other can match. The gloves are also available in different color combinations and every size.

Monarch Sports Training batting gloves

4. Batting Leg Guards:

The batting leg guards or batting pads are a must-have in any match of hardball. It is considered to be one of the necessary equipment for cricket and is used to cover the legs of the batsmen. It is the second line of defense against the balls that can likely hit the legs lower part, which might include shins, knees and lower thighs.

A cricket player all too well knows the importance of a batting leg guard or batting pad. It provides fortification against the hardball, which approaches the batsmen at extreme speed. And not taking any protection against it might lead to severe accidents and injuries.

4.1 Cruise:

Cruise Batting Leg-Guards is one of the highest grade batting leg guards in Monarch Sports collection. They are made up of imported Korean PU material, which provides an increased level of durability.

Monarch Sports

While the comfort aspect is taken into consideration by the complete filling of the pads with foam and the use of three straps and plastic calcicole, which adds defense.

4.2 Drive-In:

The Drive-In Cricket Batting Leg Guards, provide extra protection to the legs and knee along with a desired level of comfort. They are specially designed, keeping in mind the shape and the expert’s opinions. They are made from the imported Korean PU material, and Cane sticks are used in the padding to provide an extra layer of comfort and safety.

Monarch Sports

4.3 Primo:

While Monarch is best known for its professional-level sports equipment, it does not shy away from providing equipment for beginners as well. The Primo Cricket Batting Leg Guards are just that, for beginner level fans of cricket. They are designed from superior quality PU material, which is the perfect choice for people starting at a beginner level.

The material used adds the lightweight feature, making it easy to carry and allowing free leg movement on the crease. The Primo Cricket Batting Leg Guards have a foam padding with three straps for added comfort and protection against any leg related injury.

4.4 Primo for Boys:

The Monarch not only provides sports equipment for Men but Boys also. The Primo For Boys Batting Leg Guards is everything and more. They are made up of excellent value PU material and, like their bigger counterpart, are lightweight and provide ease of movement.

Monarch Sports

one can easily carry it, it provides greater agility on the crease so that you can focus on a long inning without any discomfort. The foam padding enhances its comfort and protection level along with three straps to stop any injury from happening.

5. Thigh Guard:

The thigh pads are a lightweight protection worn on the thighs, mostly when facing unpredictable pacers and bowlers. Thigh pads are an optional shield, but a protection none the less. You do not want bruises resembling a ball on your thighs. Thus thigh pads or thigh guards are used to dampen the impact of a paced ball.

5.1 Cruise:

The Monarch Cruise Combo Thigh Guard provides a combination of thigh and inner thigh safety in a single piece of equipment. It comprises the latest protection system, with elastic straps and customized adjustments, making it securely fit around the thighs.

Monarch Sports

It provides a comfortable and relaxed feel while playing because of its imported PU material. Having cross-link form and plastic guard inside and an absorbent towel, these Cruise Combo Thigh Guard offer and all-day comfort on the pitch.

5.2 Drive-In:

With innovation in the thigh protection equipment comes the Monarch Drive-In Thigh Guard, with great padding that offers comfort on the crease. The main problem many experiences with thigh pads is they provide obstruction in the running. With these thigh guards, agility is the top concern.

Monarch Sports

They contain a cross-linked foam and an inner plastic sheet for shock absorption. The absorbent towel and the elasticated sweatband offer the player a comfortable time on the crease.

5.3 Primo:

The Monarch Primo Thigh Guard uses the fiber sheet for enhanced protection. With its ultra-lightweight, and durability, this thigh guard is surpassing comfort like no other with the use of high-quality fabric on both sides, it acts as an absorbent as well as provides extra padding for safety.

Monarch Sports

6. Arm Guards:

The Arm guard helps to protect the arm from getting hit, check it out our collection at Monarch Sports.

6.1 Armguard:

The Monarch Arm Guard or Arm Pads are a piece of high-quality protective equipment for a cricketer. Having elasticated straps with aid in maximizing the movement. Absorbent towel on the front that aids in effective removal of perspiration. Providing comfort in the field for a more prolonged inning and protection of the arm against any mishap from the ball.

Monarch Sports

6.2 Armguard Primo:

The Monarch Arm Guard Primo employs a fiber sheet for enhanced protection with the use of the best quality elastic for support and tying, the Primo provides mobility like none. It is incredibly lightweight and provides comfort with higher durability. The use of high-quality fabric on both sides aid in raising support and protection.

Monarch Sports

7. Helmet:

The cricket helmet is an essential part of the defense for a batsman. It protects the player’s head, face, and neck. Typically it contains a material made up of carbon fiber and Kevlar shell to provide robustness and maximum protection. It is not only used by the batsmen but by fielders positioned near him, such as the wicket-keeper or the fielder on the short leg.

Monarch Sports

The Monarch Cricket Batting Helmet is like none other. It carries a superior class of materials for fortification from any type of injury. It complies with all the international standards, keeping in mind the comfort, durability, and the protection of the batsman.

8. Wicket Keeping Gloves:

Wicket keeping gloves get the brunt of the ball’s pace, and that is why it is imperative for them to have extra safety to protect the keepers’ hands. In Monarch Sports collection, the wicket keeping gloves are designed to keep that in mind.

8.1 Primo:

Monarch Primo Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves, combined sturdiness with excellent flexibility. They contain highly durable and breathable leather back, a lightweight Flexi-grip palm that provides enhanced comfort and flexibility. These gloves have a full premium grade leather all over, the highest quality dimple rubber palms, and additional catching area for easier catching.

Monarch Sports

It also combines all this with the traditional contoured palm construction, which delivers the best cupping positions. The knuckles are reinforced with plastic to provide enhanced fortification, and the high-grade leather gives the comfort required for the gloves.

8.2 Far Out:

The Far Out Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves are formed from highly durable leather, which provides the best gripping. Combined with are the rubberized and the textured palm, and finally assisted with the webbing in between the forefinger for ease in catches as “Catches win matches.”

Monarch Sports

These wicket keeping gloves have strengthened fingers for protection against any injury, and the padded wrist delivers comfort and lowers bruising of the palms. The Far Out Wicket Keeping Gloves combine support and security like no other.

8.3 Inner gloves:

The Monarch Sports has designed Wicket Keeping Gloves as such that they make time behind the stumps comfortable and as secure as possible. They deliver maximum maneuverability and strive for the most exceptional level of protection. So it is high time that these gloves are cared for the same way they care for your hands.

With our Inner Gloves, the wicket keepers can significantly enhance the life of their Wicket Keeping Gloves. They also offer improved comfort, protection, and flexibility. The inner material is made entirely out of cotton for comfort and a non-restrictive feel. The content is breathable, so you do not find your hands all sweaty inside the gloves during a long day out in the field.

9. Wicket Keeping Leg Guards:

The wicket-keeping leg guards are the most exposed to the pace of the ball after the batsman for the wicket keeper. That is why they require the most protection after the batsman.

9.1 Men:

The Monarch Top Grade Wicket Keeping Leg Guards for Men delivers just that crafted from the imported Lovlon material, these leg guards or pads are made with expert opinion and recommended by professionals. They are ultra-lightweight and are padded with a dense foam padding, and two straps to add to the protection of the wicket keeper’s legs.

Monarch wicket keeping pads fro men

9.2 Youth:

As always, we never forget about the beginner players or the youth interested in the gentleman’s sport. The Wicket Keeping Leg Guards for Youth are specially designed as such. They are made to give extra protection, keeping in mind the comfort as well.

Monarch wicket keeping pads for youth

And even though they are designed for youth, it does not mean than their quality is in any way lowered. They are recommended for intermediates as well as professionals. Their distinct feature is their distinctive shape and their lightweight due to the Lovlon material used for making them.

10. Balls:

www monarchsports co nz

10.1 2 Pc Red Ball:

The two-piece red ball is the most suitable one for training and practice. The ball is made with English leather with a two-piece design. The grip and polish help in the bowl to turn as the bowler desire, and the plastic mold present inside helps in protecting the cork.

Monarch two piece leather ball

10.2 4 Pc Red Ball:

The four-piece Red ball has been an ideal choice for professionals. This Leather Ball is made of high-quality English leather and has waterproof qualities which make it durable on the cricket field. This ball is perfectly designed as per international standards and popular opinions while considering the exceptional durability which retains its shape for over 50 overs and also helps new bowlers to swing the ball.

www monarchsports co nz

10.3 4 Pc White Ball:

The four-piece white ball is meant for professionals. It is constructed with a four-piece construction providing a perfect balance during the game. With four cores inside that provides perfect balance, and the unmatched quality of English leather outside, with its white color makes it the ideal choice for One Day matches.

www monarchsports co nz

10.4 4 Pc Pink Ball:

The Monarch pink English leather ball employs the use of top quality leather in its making. This encompasses higher durability due to the four cup layer and the plastic mold inside the ball. This ball has higher quality construction and is suitable for long hours of play; the pink color makes it perfect for both day and night matches.

www monarchsports co nz

11. Abdominal Guard:

The Abdominal Guards are another essential body protective equipment. They are lightweight and specifically designed to prevent any bodily harm; do not hinder your movement in any way.

www monarchsports co nz

They are made of a high-quality plastic shield with a cashmilon filled PU piping that provides comfort without compromising your safety.
They are available in different sizes for Men, Youth, and Boys.

12. Kit Bags:

The Monarch Sports collection deals with not only sportswear but also the kit bags to store all your cricket wear.

www monarchsports co nz

12.1 Cruise:

The Cruise Kit Bag has a storage capacity for all your cricket equipment, whether it be gloves, pads, helmets, bats, shoes, and any other accessory. Designed with durable and high-quality material; the Cruise Kit Bag has a top and bottom compartment and has wheels for easy to carry.

www monarchsports co nz

12.2 Drive-In:

Require a single kit bag for the whole team? The Monarch Drive-In Kit Bag provides the solution to that problem. Made of super quality fabric, also comes in a Jumbo size for the whole team’s cricket kit, With all the extra pockets and side pockets for almost everything, this kit bag makes carrying it all seem super easy.

www monarchsports co nz

12.3 Primo/Primo for Boys:

The Monarch Primo Kit Bag is designed for performers and has separate pockets for the shoes, bat and the gloves. The high-quality fabric used in the making of this bag enhances its life span by folds. The design for boys which added pockets for water bottles and pouches inside the bag for wallets and keys.

primo kit bag

12.4 Far Out:

The Monarch Far-Out Kit Bag gives a different style than the rest. The excellent quality zipper and fabric enhance the durability of the bag. Having a separate bat column, an additional pocket, and this bag can be easily carried around because of its heavy-duty shoulder straps.

Far-out cricket kit bag

13. Clothing and Shoes:

13.1 T-Shirts:

Monarch Sports T-Shirts are made of high class, dry fit stuff, which makes them durable for long hours to play. The T-Shirts are ultra-lightweight, and the black piping and mesh in the shirts allow the best comfort level for the players.

White shirt for cricket

13.2 Trousers:

The Trousers are made of diagonal stuff to provide for a narrow fitting. Their lightweight, black piping, and mesh inside enhance the level of comfort for the players to perform best on the field.

White trouser for playing cricket

14. Shoes:

With the best traction on the ground, the Rubber Spike Shoes provide it all. They are made with a PVC material and Sole making it non-slippery on the field. The cushion inside the sole delivers a comfort level for the player, and the mesh gives a breathable element. They are specially designed for All-rounders, which is why they can be worn comfortably by anyone.

Monarch Sports

15. Mallets and Grip Cones:

15.1 Grip Cone:

Monarch Sports offers not only unmatchable excellence batting equipment but also excellent quality bat accessories. The Grip Cone is designed from high-class wood, which makes it easier for installing a grip on a bat or re-installing one. Its slightly longer design is made to save time and effort by gripping their bats via cone.

Grip cone

15.2 Grip Cone Combo:

A highly durable combination of grip cone and mallet hammer provides the perfect accessory for taking care of your bat. Grip Cone Combo is designed with the highest quality Sheesham wood. This offers a higher durability to the bat and strengthens the grip during the game.

Grip cone combo

The Mallet helps in increasing the strength of your bat against the high-speed balls’ impact and prevents it from breaking. Whereas, the cone helps in ensuring a comfortable hold for the grip of your bat.

15.3 Mallet:

The Monarch Mallet is constructed with the excellent quality of wood, which helps in strengthening your bat. It is available in standard size and helps your bat to bear the high-speed impacts of the balls and its pressure.

Wooden mallet

16. Bat Grips:

We select the most premium class rubber for the bat grips, so the player can have a good grip with the comfort they desire and durability.

Cricket bat grips

17. Bat Protection:

With the day to day play, the bat is sure to get damaged. Cricket equipment and mostly cricket bats require maintenance and repair from time to time. Monarch provides you with the best and easy solution for all your bat protection related problems.

www monarchsports co nz

The Anti-Scruff Cricket Batt sheet helps in the security of your bat from any external moisture and wear such as cracks or edges splintering off. The Roll is made up of Premium Quality Material.

Fibre sheet

Where the 24 mm Bat roll protects certain parts of your bat, the Monarch Anti-Scruff Cricket Bat Sheet provides complete protection all over your bat. So it can stand through the extremities of the condition and come out unharmed.

Bat protection roll

Another protective gear for your bat is the Toe Guard and the Toe Guard Cover. The toe guard helps in protecting your bat from any wear and tear from the lower side. It also shields from the water damage on a humid day, as well as provides protection against Yorkers.

Toe cover

The Monarch Sports Fibre Glass cricket bat Roll is another accessory that covers your bat from all the cracks, splintered edges, and the most deadly enemy, moisture, and has a diameter of 50MM.

bat protection

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