Coronavirus Transmission Fear In Cricket Matches

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the world economy has suffered dramatically, leaving its impact on every single thing that anybody can think. The lockdown has forced people to stay at home. Even at homes, this crisis has led to a lack of entertainment options as well.


Cricket, being the most-watched sports activity in the entire world, has suffered to a maximum extent. As the fear of the spread of corona has also lead to a substantial impact on this sport. The schedule of games is likely to be affected for this year.

Transmission during social gatherings

The danger of transmission of this pandemic is very significant during the event. The spectators wait in long queues to get inside the stadium. Also, they sit next to each other at a minimal distance. With boundaries, there are cheers all over the stadium.

The supporters of any team greet each other, dance, and sing together. All this puts them at a higher threat of coming in close contact with each other. Hence, resulting in the outbreak of the virus.

Cancellation of matches

With the global spread of this virus, no one can predict how long it will last. Due to the safety measures to be taken for social distancing, everyone is encouraged to avoid crowded areas. Transmission of the disease in a crowd can be a big problem in such circumstances.

Before the virus started to spread globally, the series in South Africa, India, and Australia would take place without any spectators for a while. Later, when some participants were exposed to Coronavirus, competitions were cancelled altogether.

Sports events are expected to resume once the pandemic situation is under control.

There were no spectators at the ground during the ODI match between Australia and New Zealand. Cricket boards took responsibility to take all the necessary safety measures. It was important for the safety of all the players, staff members, and viewers.

Fear of COVID-19 spread

Respective boards are following the direction of individual governments. They took extraordinary measures to conduct the sports in the empty stadiums. Later, when the situation wasn’t under control, players were given the option to leave.

Reduced number of matches were being held, but when the number of cases continued to increase, and a lockdown was expected, games were annulled. They finally decided cancellation until treatment has been found.

Who is at risk?

Ones with weak immune systems fall at increased risk of catching this disease. Although there are very few cases of this disease in babies, patients fighting major diseases and older folks are at higher hazard.

Just like old age increases the risk of human metapneumovirus, the same is also true for this disease.

How to stay protected?

It is hard to say how long does coronavirus last because clinical trials are still underway. However, according to researches, the germs itself lasts longer on plastic and similar materials than on metals. To stay protected, avoid touching any object that other people touch.

Players and spectators alike, everyone is facing the fear of catching this ailment. As a precautionary measure, in the wake of lockdown, all international and domestic games have been cancelled. Players, crew members, franchise owners, and support staff are staying at home until the situation improves.

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