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Who doesn’t love cricket? This sports first originated in South England, which became its national sports by the 18th century and then globally developed rapidly in the 20th century. And then, since 1844, international matches began to be played, and in 1877, Test cricket also emerged. Currently, cricket is the second top-most watched sports all over the word being governed by ICC, which has a membership over a hundred countries while only twelve countries play test cricket at the moment. We will discuss some of the best quality cricket bats and some tips to help you choose the most fabulous cheap cricket bats out there.

Cheap cricket bats

Importance of selecting the best quality cricket bats:

We all know that the performance of a team depends upon the quality of its players. But what does the performance of an individual player depends upon? Using the proper quality kit is the top-most priority of every cricketer because it can hugely affect his performance. Multiple features affect the quality of the bat, i.e., its weight, size, and especially the handle.

History and evolution of cricket bats:

The shape of the earliest cricket bats in 1620 is thought to be similar in shape with the current hockey sticks. The change towards a rectangular form started in the 1700s and 1800s. The bats at that time are thought to be made from English willow trees using their heartwood portion. The real bat revolution began in the 1900s. The famous Kashmir willow from Pakistan and India proved to be of the same weight as English Willow kind but a little less durable than it. John Newberry and Gary Nicholls proved to be trendsetters of the modern-day super scoop-shaped bats.

How to choose the best cheap cricket bats?

Choosing the best cricket bat within your budget can be a lot tricky than it might seem. And going with the wrong choice will definitely affect your performance. So the steps given below will help you choose the top-notch quality bat within no time.

Choosing bat willow:

Choosing bat willow is the most crucial factor while selecting bats. English willow fibrous timber is a highly preferred choice by the majority of manufacturing companies because of its robust performance while sticking the ball. In comparison, the Kashmir willow is also suitable for the low range bats, but as compared to the English willow, it does not deliver the same striking performance.

Covered face:

Having a covered face bat provides a protective covering to the blades of the bat while the open face uncovers the grains of the bat. This protective covering protects the bat and prevents the absorption of moisture in the bat.

Quantity of grains:

Each bat has a different amount of grains present in it. Any bat having the number of grains between 6 and 13 indicates the premium quality of the willow used, although the bats with 6 grains are usually softer than the 13 ones.

You can learn more about choosing a bat by Clicking here.

List of some top-notch quality cricket bats:

Here is a list of some best bats at a very affordable price.

Kashmir Willow Bats:

  • Far-out Kashmir willow bat :

This Far-out Monarch bat is made by using excellent quality Kashmir willow. It is equipped with the Singapore spring handle to absorb the shock, and by the combination of its thick edges, it can hit any ball out of the fence.

cheap cricket bats
  • Monarch T-20 primo bat :

If you want to offer a powerful high-pressure stroke, then this Monarch T- 20 primo bat is just the perfect bat you need. Its high-quality grip allows better handling giving comfort to the batsman.

T20 Primo Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

You can find Kashmir willow cricket bats here.

English Willow Bats:

  • Primo :

This Monarch Primo bat is made using exceptional quality English Willow material to create a real impact in international cricket. It has marvelous qualities featuring superb balance with an angled toe. The padded cover makes the handling easier for the batsman. You can surely hit a good score with this bat in your hand.

Primo cheap English Willow Cricket Bats
  • Far-out :

If you want to have a dynamic powered stylish bat in your hand, then you are at the right place. Due to its mid-high profile and angled toe for remarkable pickup, it has absolute dominance in setting up a good score and middling any ball out of the ground quickly.

Find all the English willow cricket bats described above by clicking here.

Far-Out English Willow Cricket Bat


Cricket, just like any other sports, depends upon the kit and equipment chosen by the player. Selecting the perfect bat for yourself can be difficult as its selection relies on several factors like weight, size, handle, grains, etc.  

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This article provides you the perfect tips while choosing the best quality cricket bats within an affordable price for yourself, which will undoubtedly help you get the ideal bat of your choice.  

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