Monarch Sports isn’t just another manufacturer & supplier of cricket gears online, but a dream.

• A dream of a cricket enthusiast and a young entrepreneur.

• A dream to enable all the cricket lovers realize their dreams.

• A dream to support young & talented players in giving their best shot with the right gear.

In a country where cricket is more than just a sport, many of the crazy fans wish to play for their nation, but not many succeed.

Why Choose Us ?

In a country where cricket is more than just a sport, many of the crazy fans wish to play for their nation, but not many succeed.

The man behind Monarch Sports also grew up with the same dream, right from his gully cricket sessions with his local mates to some professional games during his education & career, and now a quality brand cricket gears store. The moments of fun spent playing cricket were just the building blocks of what led to this Auckland sports shop, named Monarch Sports Limited.

His childhood love for cricket bloomed when he got to play in his school’s cricket tournament, where he played as an all-rounder for a couple of years. For the first time, he was then all-prepared mentally to choose cricket as his career but fate had something different for him.

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

However, unlike the few lucky cricket fans, he [Monarch’s founder] had to sacrifice his dreams of a cricket career due to the lack of enough funds to even buy cricket kit, leave aside the fee of professional training and other expenses involved to get the break of the cricket career.

Under the pressure of creating a better life, he agreed to his family’s decision of higher studies, which obviously involved adding another burden of education loan. Though he surrendered his cricket dream to the situation but always kept the sport close to his heart.

He completed his higher studies and started a career to gain financial stability for himself as well as his family back in his hometown.

As they say, “Slow & Steady Wins the Race”, he starting earning a good livelihood in a matter of years.

Alas! This money failed to make him happy as the connection to the sport was still there, deep in his heart.

Why Choose Us ?

Now, he was earning his livelihood while working in the field of his choice. Though back in form and he could never forget the time when he wasn’t even able to afford a kit.

One day, going through the struggle of his life, from the child who wasn’t able to buy cheap cricket bats to a successful coach, his mind returned back to the past.

“I wasn’t the only one who sacrificed his dream of being a cricketer. Wonder how many like me made it to the sport in their lifetime.”

– He started thinking a fine day when he remembered his team of cricket enthusiasts, his gully cricket mates.

“Now, when I am back to cricket, shouldn’t I do something for those who are forced to sacrifice their dreams to situations?”

– The thought that led to a chaos and then to the idea of Monarch Sports, an online cricket shopping store in Auckland, New Zealand.

Heading an initiative to serve the young talent in the field of cricket, he led the foundation of Monarch Sports, but not like any other cricket store around.


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