Coronavirus Update – Current Situation And Expectation

This informational coronavirus update intends to let our readers know about the current circumstances, happenings, and future expected outcomes of the pandemic.

Coronavirus update

Novel Coronavirus update has hit the globe leaving only a few countries that have been declared safe from the outbreak so far.

As of today, the highlights are lockdowns and economic crisis that has affected the livings of not only infected but literally everyone around us.

All humans are practicing social distancing, work from homes, and isolations as advised by the regulatory and law enforcement agencies.  

What do the stats say about the damage?

WHO is reporting the live number of patients in 209 nations worldwide. Many websites are updating live numbers. Many reliable news channels are also communicating regular highlights.

Here are a few facts that can help to understand its severity and the impacts Coronavirus update has made so far. These statistics are based on 1st week of April 2020:

  • The number of people suffering from corona around the world has reached 1.4 Million.
  • Victims who died globally has reached around 83 thousand.
  • Out of these, the recovered patients over the world are about 300 thousand. Among the active cases, some are tagged as mild critical, and some are at high criticality.

Which are the highly critical countries?

According to the coronavirus update reported cases, the USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France are the highest affected.

The origin of the virus was in China, but today the ratio of new patients has declined drastically, leaving China at the 6th ranking among the affected.

China has controlled the situation by enforcing a strict lockdown in the originating city of Wuhan.

After an extensive lockdown of about three months, the city has finally started going back to the regular living routine. Yet, the precautions are still intact to avoid any further spread.

How are countries trying to control it? Any vaccine to get rid of corona?

As of today, no vaccine or medicine has proven as a cure. China is the first nation that has claimed to get hold of increasing positive cases.

It has imposed several stringent measures only to avoid further spreading of the virus:

  • Immediate and strict lockdown in the origin of the outbreak. The authorities declared Wuhan as a no-entry zone within no time. This has helped to stop the spreading of the virus any further.
  • PRC ensured the availability of medical tests and hospitals. Making test kits available was the immediate measure that helped to identify the positive ones. Additionally, they built temporary hospitals in record time. It helped to isolate those positive ones to avoid further spread.
  • They ensured more medical help to sustain the virus. Medical help from afar traveled to Wuhan and worked within sealed medical facilities.
  • People were not rushed to hospitals needlessly. Everyone is encouraged to get online medical help and visit nearby fever clinics if they suspect to be positive.

This is exactly what others should be doing and are already doing to control the virus. There is no proven medicine so far. Only restricting physical contact with the infected people will work for now.  

What are the impacts?

It has put the social and economic standing at high risk. As of today, the only solution to control is to avoid physical contact.

Ensuring that the public stays in their homes will save everyone from the pandemic.

Work from home and online education are the best options. Ban on public gatherings and cancellation of gathering events are good ideas too.

This has put a halt on the routine lifestyles of people and operations of the society. By staying at home, the public can stay safe and keep others safe too.

How has the coronavirus outbreak impacted cricket?

The primary condition to stop and sustain this pandemic outbreak is limiting social contact. This has impacted the events planned around the globe.

The environment is very unclear regarding when the circumstances will get in favor again.

Government has also postponed the Indian Premier League. We can’t see it happening any time soon. The positive cases in India are also rising rapidly. ODI league, planned for May 2020, is also at stake.

Next in line would be World Test Championship, scheduled to start in July. Now there is a big question mark due to the uncertainty across the globe.

Asia Cup, Men’s T20 World Cup, and Women’s ODI Championship can happen towards the end of the year 2020. However, the rising instances every day are making everything uncertain with every passing day.

The outbreak of the pandemic has hit nearly the entire globe. However, understanding the progress of China in a couple of months to control it leaves positive hope for others at risk today.

We are hopeful that by imposing similar lockdown conditions, everything will improve. It is vital to make medical facilities available for patients at high risk.

Stay hopeful

Sticking to these controls will bring back everything under control within the next few months. Soon we will be witnessing the life getting back to normal.

Till then, keep praying and keep practicing the social distancing. It is our moral duty to keep ourselves safe and help to bring everything to the normal routine once again.

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