Cricket and Coronavirus: How COVID19 is impacting cricket?

You must be thinking what the connection between cricket and Coronavirus is? COVID-19 has taken the form of a pandemic that has spread to all parts of the world.

Cricket and Coronavirus

It is impacting all walks of life, be it education or fun, weddings or religious ceremonies. Likewise, the same is also true for outdoor activities.

All games have been cancelled because of this widespread virus, and sports tournament is no exception.

COVID impact on outdoor games

It is not an aerial disease; instead, it spreads through physical contact and coming in close vicinity of a person who is already infected with this disease.

Also, officials are discouraging gatherings of all forms. Because, when large groups of people come together, they catch the virus owing to proximity.

It may be possible to advise the participants to stay at least 2 meters away from each other during the game and avoid close contact. However, this will not be possible at all times during the game.

Also, it is challenging to keep vast crowds of spectators at sufficient distances from each other.

So, councils and governments all over the world have banned all public congregations. This measure was taken because the spectators will come in large numbers to see the match and risk community outbreaks.

All scheduled games for the first quarter of 2020 were postponed or stopped because of Covid-19.

Matches cancelled

Indian Premium League is the highlight of sporting lovers’ schedule in India. Indeed,everyone was eagerly looking forward to IPL that never fail to give an adrenaline rush to viewers and players.

March 29, 2020 was starting date for IPL and now it may start on April 15, 2020. Certainly,almost the whole Indian nation was looking forward to a very entertaining season 13 of this mega event.

The authorities are monitoring the situation and will make a decision at the end of March whether they want to postpone IPL2020.

The same has also been true for domestic ones in other countries like Sri Lanka. England’s team annulled its tour to Sri Lanka. Pakistan had also stopped its Pakistan Super League(PSL) when the Corona started spreading in the country.

The two ODIs between India and South Africa will take place behind closed doors. Also, Australia-NZ ODI series is not taking place.

Available Options

While most contests have been declared void or at least postponed, there are some matches and series that are still going ahead with proper precautionary measures.

However, the authorities are contemplating the option of conducting events without allowing any spectators at all. Such games will continue behind closed doors with only the minimum number of staff and management.

The players will get training on how they should avoid physical proximity
from others at all times.

However, let us hope for better times soon. May we all come out of this global calamity soonest! Stay safe, everyone!

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