Before we understand the importance of selecting the best Cricket bat, we must understand how the sport began. Cricket as a sport is claimed to have started in Sussex and Kent, and developed into a proper competition within the early 17th and 18th century. With time, cricket teams, rules, and techniques are through numerous changes until it got its current shape.

Gold Edition English Willow Cricket Bat

Importance of Selecting the Proper Bat:

The success of a team during a match depends mainly on the runs scored. The type of cricket bat used plays a significant role to score runs. A player’s selection of a bat is based on its performance, i.e., it’s rebound quality when hitting a ball. The further the Bat is capable of sending a ball after impact, the higher the performance of the batsmen.

Evolution of Cricket Bats:

From the very beginning, its primary tool was a bat. The bat that underwent various developmental stages to require its current shape, size, and weight range. After experimenting with different types of wood, it was universally accepted that the simplest and best-suited wood for a bat was the willow wood. The willow wood bat is best for its strength and spin required for hitting the ball effectively to send it far and wide.

Types of Willow Wood Used in Cricket Bats:

Of the variety of willow available, the 2 most popularly used are English Willow and Kashmir Willow. Though originating from the same botanical species, due to the climatic changes like moisture content, etc., the appearances and outcomes of the 2 types are very different. Another very pronounced difference between the 2 is their color. English Willow bats are whiter whereas Kashmir Willow bats are reddish-brown.

Kashmir Willow Bat:

Though professionals use both the Kashmir as well as the English Willow bats. The Kashmir bat is mostly in use by the kids or non-professional amateurs. Beginners mainly play with these bats to improve their game-playing skills and also for recreational play. It’s for a variety of reasons, mostly because the Kashmir willow is heavier, less grainy.

Kashmir Willow bats are drier and denser, and the grains aren’t so pronounced due to which the strike isn’t so pronounced when being played with leather or hardball. It gives better results with softer balls.

Though some professionals use the Kashmir Willow bat, it requires greater skill more power and control to urge the specified results. It may need a bit longer than English Willow to offer the required high ping in professional cricket. Although some Kashmir Willow bats are on the get-go right from the onset. However, all said, a top-grade Kashmir Willow bat is way better than a low-grade English Willow bat.

Far-out Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

English Willow Bat:

Comparatively, professional cricketers consider English Willow bat to be their primary choice for obvious reasons. It’s lighter in weight, which makes it easier to handle. Grains are more pronounced due to which it’s springier and has the ping or punch to help the batsman. It helps to hit the ball more considerable distances and acquire more boundaries. It ensures a clear champion when the game is being played with leather or hardball.

English Willow bats are often the perfect choice of professional cricketers, both champions also as Intermediate ones who desire to hone their skills at the sport. English Willow bats, based on their grains, durability, and performance, come in different grades from 1 to 5. Grade gold and Grade Player Edition with Grade 1 being the best or highest quality and, therefore, cost-wise quite expensive. However, being softer, English Willow bat requires better care and handling in their manufacture as well as usage.

Gold Edition Cricket Bat


Any sports professional is concerned about choosing the right equipment to enjoy their sport foremost. It’s a typical belief sports-person doesn’t feel comfortable with playing with a piece of equipment that they need not chosen by themselves.

In terms of a cricket bat, you must choose the Bat for yourself. There are tons of factors such as weight, size, and grip that require to be taken into consideration when you’re choosing your Bat. Unless you’ve got the proper Bat, it’d not be straightforward for you to middle the ball and post a score on the board.

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