Cricket Players Eat And Drink

Cricket is not just a game of strength and skill but its good to have a healthy diet plan as well. Do you know what Cricket Players should eat and drink to keep them fit in the field.

Cricket players should eat and drink

Cricket Has Three Type of Games

Twenty 20(T20),which has one innings with maximum 20 overs for each team. A game lasts for 3 hours around 75-90 minutes with 10-20 minutes interval.

One day(OD), which has one innings with maximum 50 overs for each team. A game lasts for 6 hours with longer tea break.

Test matches(4-5 day game), which has two innings per team with longer lunch break but shorten the tea breaks and drink breaks according to the temperature.

Cricket is a game that requires extraordinary strength,which demands a lot of energy, power, & strength for swinging, throwing, and running around the field. We all know that food is fuel to the body and for a player, the choice of what he/she eats determines performance. Let’s dig deep into an ideal diet for cricketers and see what consume to stay firm on the field.

Cricket Players Should Eat and Drink can be jotted down to 7 broad points

  • Players should intake small meals in every 2-3 hours a day like lean protein,vegetables and or fruits and, carbohydrate with each meal.
  • Make sure you should eat right amount of food,which will keep you energetic and active in the field. whole grain food as much you can and drink only water and green tea.

Let’s Move a Step ahead and explain about fluid schedule below

  • Players should drink 300-500ml of water before half an hour the game start. A scoop of protein powder with milk/water after the game.
  • 150-200ml of water in every 15-20 minutes during the game.

Eating Plan below

Mixed Nuts: Nuts exceptionally taste great and source of healthy fats. Those can be snacked easily, and there are different ways to cook them.

Cottage Cheese: It is a great source of protein and can help in different ways.

Broccoli: These are rich in antioxidants and keep you nice and fresh.

Tuna: It is extremely rich in omega-3 fats and proteins. A player needs to have a high protein amount to play well in field.

Spinach: It strengthens your immune system.

Banana: The best snack with a power-packed amount of energy and potassium. A health- and performance-concerned player shall always keep his diet in mind. Even during the tea break, one should know what to consume.


Raisins : Raisins are naturally sweet,high in sugar and calories but they help you to boost your iron level and keep your bones stronger.

Oatcakes : These are high in mineral especially manganese and phosphorous and also great for maintaining the energy level.

Dates : Dates are good for blood sugar balance,reduce blood pressure,brain booster,maintain bone mass.

Carrots : Carrots are good source of fiber,potassium,vitamin k1 and, antioxidants. They help you weight-loss,control your cholesterol and beneficial for eye health.

Banana : Banana is good source of vitamin c,manganese and,potassium because they helps you keep your skin healthy,heart,blood pressure and, gastrointestinal issues .

Melon : Melon is rich in nutrients,which helps you reduce blood pressure,rich in electrolytes and water,boost your immune system and,promote your proper digestion.

Grapes : Grapes are also packed with nutrients,especially vitamin c and k. Because they helps you decrease your blood sugar levels,protect from diabetes and, keep your heart healthy.

Supplements and What their role in the body

Vitamin C : Vitamin c is necessary for growth,development and,repair all the body tissues because they involved in many body functions like absorption of iron .

Copper Supplements : Copper Supplements helps you in making red blood cells,maintaining the nerve cells and, immune system. They also plays a role in energy producing.

Zinc Supplements : Zinc Supplements plays are essential in the body because they helps in growth,wound healing,cell division and breakdown of carbohydrates.

Iron Supplements : Iron Supplements helps you not to get tired quickly,treating anemia, boosting immunity and more health benefits. It is important not to take iron supplements unless you are iron deficient.

Calcium Supplements : These helps you to build your bones stronger.

Vitamin A : Vitamin A helps you functioning the immune system.

Note: The food plan explained above is a general plan for players. However, you should always consult his/her trainer for a better diet plan and follow it regularly.

Closing Thoughts

Take care of what you eat and drink because the inputs weigh much high on the quality of output. Add more to your performance with the right cricket gear for your style & skill type from Monarch Sports.

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