Why Cheap English Willow Cricket Bats Are Better?

English willow is the kind of wood that is used to make cheap English willow cricket bats all around the world. Various woods are used for manufacturing the cricket bats, but no other option can beat professional English willow cricket bats.

Far-Out English Willow cricket Bat

It is the only form of wood that gives compression and strength for the world-class cricket bats. These bats are categorized in grades; each grade has a varying quality and specific price ranges.

  • Grade 1: Grade 1 is the best grade of willow bats, that are used by the international cricket players. They have the perfect straight grains with no marks or flaws on the blades. They are quite expensive and fall within the price range of NZD 550 – 600 (USD 350 – 400).
  • Grade 2: Grade 2 willow bats are the premium unbleached English willow bats. They have straight grains with little blemishes at the blade. Its price falls within the range of NZD 450 – 500 (USD 280 – 315).
  • Grade 3: Grade 3 willow bat has some unbleached willows that have fewer grains and blemishes on the blade of this bat. They come at an approximate price of NZD 350 – 400 (USD 220 – 250).
  • Grade 4: Grade 4 ones are the cheap English willow cricket bats having bleached willows that cover bad knots, faded colors or any blemishes. Some bats in this category are covered with linen to make them look better from the outside. The price of these bats is almost NZD 250 – 300 (USD 150 – 200).

Types of willow bats

As depicted by the name, English willow came from England; it is also known as white willow. English and Kashmir are of two different kinds of willow bats; they have different colors and their difference can be recognized easily. Kashmir willow is of brown colour,while English Willow comes in white color. Additionally, English willow has higher grain density as compared to Kashmir willow.

Although the Kashmir willow bats are also widely used, yet the top cricket players use English willow bats specifically for their durability and quality. English willow cricket bats offer the best grain quality. Additionally, they are soft and lightweight as well when compared to Kashmir willow bats. This is the reason they are preferred by the experienced batsman and international cricketers all over the world.

Maintenance Recommendations of willow bats

The English willow bats are highly acclaimed for playing professional cricket with a hard cricket ball. It requires oiling and knocking in before you start playing. The procedure of striking the face of the bat with the old cricket ball is what cricketers call knocking in. It reduces the chances of your bat being snapped.

cricket bat oiling and knocking

The face of the bat has to be oiled with fresh linseed oil before the game begins to keep the surface from becoming sticky. This acts as the protection layer of the wood and gives a better shot control to the batman.

Why buy English willow bats from Monarch Sports?

While there are plenty of options available in the market, we recommend you to buy English willow bats from Monarch Sports. Here are the top reasons for this recommendation:

  • Certainly, we have a variety of options available in Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 cricket bats.
  • Our prices are competitive as compared to expensive brands.
  • We never compromise on quality. Regardless of the English willow cricket bat grade that you purchase, you will get the best return for your money.
  • We guarantee the durability of our products.

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