Has Any Cricketer Opened Both Bowling And Batting For India?

In the extensive history of this sport, some players have often revealed their specialized skills in both fields, which leaves their fans amazed. People usually think has any cricketer opened both bowling and batting for India. They have seen some finest contestants and genuine all-rounders throughout its history in the game.

When you watch the competition from any country well-known for this sport, such as Australia, West Indies, South Africa – it becomes a treat to enjoy the performance of participants. However, the initiation of a career is always a challenging task. As the person becomes more renowned, people see subtle improvements in performance where they contribute consistently with their overall contribution during contests. Consequently, they show progress and rise to the ranks of the best sportsman in the team who is excellent in demonstrating both skills.

Roger Binny

He was renowned for his magnificent throw. Roger Binny has played 72 ODIs. In two of these tournaments, he began the batting and also the proceedings with the bowling. However, very few people notice that he was the opening person in these competitions. He was a decent batsman and even a good fielder with extraordinary throwing techniques and has a very well-known position.

Rogger Binny All rounder cricket player

Similarly, he has participated with a key role to win, but unfortunately, they lost both the contests that he has started. In the first competition, in 53 balls, he scored only 31 runs, and in the second one by 66 deliveries, he scored only 21 runs. Therefore, they lost the games that they take part in against Australia and the other in the world cup series in Sydney.

After that, he was never given a chance to go ahead with the innings for either skill because of this failure. He was instrumental in the world cup victory that was played in 1983. He is the first performer people think of when they wonder ‘has any cricketer opened both bowling and batting for India’.

Manoj Prabhakar

He was an all-rounder from Delhi with skillful capabilities. Similarly, he was notorious for his variations and swing style of delivery, and he used the new ball most frequently. Manoj Prabhakar was the regular member of the group of ODI contestants in the early 90s and achieved 157 wickets in 130 outings.

Manoj Prabhakar all rounder cricket player

In addition to his outstanding record, he was also very good at striking. For instance, in almost 130 matches, he scored eleven fifties with the highest total of 106 and even two centuries. Because of his remarkable performance, he has occasionally commenced batting for his squad. Since his strike rate was reasonable, that gave his nation some decent rewards.

He was reasonably successful in 45 ODI and in 20 test matches in which he began for both aspects. However, his impressive ODI position ended when he was banned because of his apparent involvement in the match-fixing. Other than that, he had a robust profile in the world.

Kapil Dev

He was the most exceptional all-rounder that they have ever produced. Indeed, he could win single-handedly with the hit as well as with fantastic drop abilities. Kapil Dev gave some breathtaking performances as a bowler. Apart from being that, he was a brilliant lower middle-order batsman. Therefore, he is remembered for his sheer dedication to the game. His name would certainly pop up for people who want to have knowledge has any cricketer opened both bowling and batting for India.

Has Any Cricketer Opened Both Bowling And Batting For India?

Kapil Dev in the world cup of 1992 initiated the innings in the contest against Zimbabwe, but he eventually failed to mark high. Although, they won the test because of his impressive achievement in his perfect throw that stopped Zimbabwe not to reach the target. He let the opponent score just 6 moves in four overs.

In conclusion, they won by 55 moves, and this was the first and the last time when he did the job as opening batter and the baller in the same one. Above all, he is one of the greatest captains who got the prestige of lifting the winning trophy for the first time.

Irfan Pathan

He was one of the greatest gentlemen when he began his profession. Irfan Pathan initially started as a natural thrower but also contributed with the hit whenever needed. However, in international competitions, he participated well for the team and instantly caught everyone’s eye by his fantastic presentation.

Has Any Cricketer Opened Both Bowling And Batting For India?

In the test debut against Australia in 2003, his remarkable performance against this team gave him a place in the final. Indeed, he manifested himself as a productive performer.

Therefore, he initiated the contest for the first time as a beater in that event against South Africa in 2005 and also as the bowler in this same game. But eventually, this decision was wrong as they ended up losing by 10 wickets and South Africa won.

However, he played his last series for his nation back in 2012. Additionally, his elevation as an all-rounder led to his defeat as an opener in the trial.

Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag bowled regularly in the initial stages of his profession, and he certainly is a wonderful player. He was also given a chance to be an opener.

der Sehwag all ounder cricket player

Back in 2005, during a match in the 4th one of series against Australia. They started the innings with his two-left handed team members, and Sehwag was the one to pioneer for his homeland. Unfortunately, things got worse. He was dismissed by the first-ball duck in a chase with a massive target of 287 runs. Eventually, they lost the struggle by 77 runs.

In conclusion, he was never given a chance. He was the opener as the batsman and as the bowler for that tournament. Certainly, he worked really hard and put all his effort. Despite all of his efforts, unfortunately, they lost this one as well. This was his first and last chance as a dual opener.


Above all, leading the crew at a tender age is never easy – whether it is a test series, ODIs, or T20s. Still, there are some sportspersons with extraordinary capabilities who deserve much credit. They all have had exceptional careers at the international level.

These individual contestants played a key role. Also, they worked really hard to make their country achieve the highest position in the competition. Now you have understood the answer to your question: has any cricketer opened both bowling and batting for India? We hope this blog has given you some insight into the history of the game and its critical multi-talented participants.

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